I’ve created a number of video courses in conjunction with so you can now learn my techniques from the comfort of your own home. 

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The human form is one of the most difficult, yet most alluring subjects to capture in paint. In this course, we'll de-construct the figure helping you to tackle it as a whole. Lessons cover contouring, rendering the head, torso and limbs in a full figure, clothing and backgrounds. The principles are pulled together with a series of 4 full figure studies, increasing in complexity.


Painting Portraits


This is our most advanced watercolour course and once you're able to paint realistic portraits, there's no subject matter beyond you! Learn how to mix flesh tones, create contour and form and tackle difficult features like the mouth, eyes and hair



Course Description

These two courses painting animals are the brand newest classes and the images speak for themselves.

For each animal portrait, Glynis takes you through her method of building up layers of texture for skin, fur and feathers etc.. You'll discover how control watercolour paint in a way you didn't think possible.


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